Moving to Liverpool

Are you considering moving to Liverpool?

What are the factors influencing the price?

The cost of moving goods depends on several factors: the nature, volume and the weight of course, the distance between pickup and delivery, the level of service you require and sometimes your flexibility with the timing of the operation. A Man and Van trader is usually the most efficient and cost-effective way to move to Liverpool.

How do I choose my Man and Van contractor?

When you post your transport request on App A Van, it will display to all the Man and Van traders who said they covered the area between your current residence and Liverpool, and were qualified to transport your type of goods. You can choose between the quotes you receive, based on price and on the reputation they gained from previous customers like you.

Can I receive additional services?

Yes. Some of our Man and Van operators will only load and drive, but others can offer additional services like storage or packing/unpacking. Make sure your transport request is precise as to what you expect exactly from your chosen trader. If you receive no answer, you can always split your request so 2 independent contractors fulfill your demand.

Removals to Liverpool made easy

We have built up a network of experienced and carefully selected Man and Van contractors across the United Kingdom that can help you with your removals to Liverpool. The only thing you need to do is to register on our platform, fill in the details of your request in our online form, and all interested contractors will quote you for your custom. Whether you move to Liverpool from afar or from within the city itself, or you have any transport need in the area, App A Van wants to be your one-stop solution.

Furthermore, by getting in touch with small Man and Van operations, it gives you a chance to use local tradesmen rather than big corporate companies. We strive to be environmentally friendly within your area – creating more jobs for the local people.

Essential links
when you’re moving to Liverpool

City council

The Liverpool City Council website is an essential source of information. It is especially useful if you have school age children as it guides you through the registration process. It will also be your go-to site for all matters regarding the council, from planning and building to bins and recycling and roads and parking.

If you are ever procrastinating and want to check up on your local news, head to Good News Liverpool, you can find out the latest news in Liverpool. They are the first to cover all of the major events and developments around Liverpool, including Business, education and health related news.

Public transport

As with most modern cities nowadays, depending on your location a car is not necessary and can be a daily headache if your job doesn’t offer a parking facility. Fortunately, the public transport network is dense and very cost-effective. The MerseyTravel website is well made and will help you with all your Liverpudlian travel needs.
You can also find cycle maps on the MerseyTravel website And while the infrastructure is not yet ideal for cyclists, there is even a city bike hire scheme which may allow you to try cycling in Liverpool beforehand to see if a bike is a practical proposition that fits your commuting needs.


Feeling like a night out but not exactly sure where? The famous M&S Bank Arena (previously The Echo Arena) is the place to go. You can find all of the latest shows, concerts and performances and easily book your tickets (Book them early to avoid disappointment). They often have established artist and singers performing, with the likes of Rita Ora and Olly Murs making appearances. However, it’s not just music that you can find – The netball word cup final 2019 is also being held at this famous venue, certainly not one to miss!

Liverpool at a glance

  • Liverpool’s waterfront is a designated World Heritage Site. That puts it on par with the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China! The World Heritage Site stretches along the waterfront from Albert Dock, through The Pier Head and up to Stanley Dock, and up through the historic commercial districts and the RopeWalks area to St George’s Quarter, which is dominated by the magnificent St George’s Hall.
  • Liverpool is a major city when it comes to events. It holds the biggest horse race of the year – the grand national. It is watched by over 600 million people and takes place in Aintree, a town 15 minutes from the city centre.
  • The two major football club grounds in the city, Liverpool and Everton, are separated by Stanley park which is only 110 acres large!
  • On top of the famous Liver buildings sit the famous Liver birds. They are over 6 feet tall and can be seen from quite a distance. There is a old myth that if the two liver birds ever face each other, Liverpool will start to crumble
  • Scouse is a type of stew. It was eaten by Liverpudlians living in poverty before the 1900s. Ingredients include lamb or beef, cabbage, carrot, potatoes and onion.
  • Liverpool is home to Europe’s biggest Chinese arch which is around 14 metres high! This is situated at the entrance to China town, an established community of Chinese residents, which is full of tasty restaurants and bars
  • The penny lane road sign, famous for being a huge part of the Beatles success, was stolen so many times by fans that the government had to paint it in instead!
  • Liverpool was the first city in the world to have a lending library (The Lyceum, in 1758), a school of tropical medicine (where they discovered that Malaria could be passed by mosquito bite) and an American consul. It was the first UK city to have a school for the blind!
  • Liverpool has the biggest single collection of Grade One listed buildings and more national museums and galleries than any other city outside London, with 2,500 listed buildings and 250 public monuments.
  • The metropolitan cathedral, is often referred to by the locals as Paddy’s Wigwam. This is due to its shape and size, which cost over £3 million to renovate in 2009.
  • The huge clock that you can see on the Liver building is actually bigger than Big Ben!

Liverpool ONE offers a vibrant and more dynamic shopping experience. It has over 170 high-street stores, bars and restaurants all within walking distance from each other – which makes it very convenient to grab some lunch whilst browsing around the shops. This stylish part of the city often has entertainment and various events on all year round – all of which can be found at Liverpool One Events. It is imperative to mention the two student days that occur in Liverpool One during the academic year, a huge number of shops and restaurants have increased student discount offers and even freebies! Liverpool One shopping park is extremely accessible to everybody with buses running frequently and stopping just a 5-minute walk away from the centre. If you decide to take your car, there is a wide variety of parking facilities including Q-park which is located in the centre of Liverpool one.

St Johns Shopping Centre is Liverpool’s largest indoor shopping centre. It is home to over 100 established retailers ranging from clothes stores to the latest tech shops. There is also a popular market for the locals which offers a variety of fresh meat, vegetables and hot food too. Likewise, Liverpool One, it is very easy to get to. The Queens square bus station sits directly outside the entrance to St Johns shopping centre – it couldn’t be easier!

The Metquarter offers a more prestigious shopping experience for the ones who look to keep up with the latest trends. The stores inside are bursting with style inspiration and deliver more luxury garments at high-end prices. This sophisticated shopping centre is located right at the heart of Liverpool, just a short walk away from the famous Radio city tower.

If you’re relocating to Liverpool and are looking forward to delving in the city’s notorious nightlife, you will very soon be experts. In the meantime, those few addresses will get you started:

Seel Street is a very popular place at night time – especially for students. Within such a small space there is a huge mixture of music – from pop to R&B. If you are looking for somewhere to start the night off – head to Brooklyn Mixer, a unique bar that offers world class cocktails and an incredible atmosphere. If you are one of those people who loves to dance until the night ends – you must stop by Heebie Jeebies. Famous for it’s 3 floors, diverse music and courtyard it is not one to be missed.
If you are looking for a slightly more sophisticated beverage, Dale street is where I recommend heading towards. The Ship & Mitre is located at the heart of Dale street and is a welcoming pub that sells some incredible real ale and expensive kegs. In-fact, it has consecutively won awards for the best real ale pub in Liverpool, ideal for those who like the perfect pint! Another hidden gem in the city of Liverpool is The Grapes, located on Knight street. They have been brewing beers since anybody can remember – with a magnificent magnitude of beers to choose from.
Liverpool is home to some amazing bars and clubs in the LGBT quarter. The Masquerade is known to be Liverpool’s ‘friendliest gay bar’ with live music, a DJ and a sparkling dance floor! If you manage to make it out late, the GBar is Liverpool’s best after hours gay club. Staying open later, it offers a vibrant and friendly atmosphere to grab a drink and dance with new people.

Mathew Street
There’s only one place to start when discussing the world-famous Mathew Street…and that is, of course, The Cavern Club, where The Beatles honed their skills while playing nearly 300 shows in the early sixties. The club sees live music seven days a week from 2pm onward, with the Saturday night Beatles tribute a particularly popular highlight. With bars such as Rubber Soul, Lennon’s Bar and of course the Hard Days Night Hotel, the spirit of the band infuses the rest of the street, which is one of the busiest and most vibrant for nightlife.

Concert Square
This is certainly the heart of Liverpool’s night-life. It is home to some of the biggest and best clubs in town and features a huge outdoor courtyard area – which is one for the summer! A short walk from Seel Street, Concert square has numerous populated clubs, one of the main ones being Level. Level is spread over three floors and has a diversity in music – ranging from cheesy old songs to dance music; There is definitely something for everyone. Offering a booming indoor dance floor and a quiet, relaxed seating area – is Modo and Soho. These clubs are open 7 nights a week ( Yes- it’s even busy on a Monday!) and offer a hundreds of different flavour shots for you to try out.

Baltic Triangle
Situated between Toxteth and Liverpool city centre, The Baltic triangle is the fastest-growing area of the city. What were previously abandoned warehouses, are now exciting and impressive bars and restaurants. It is the creative enterprise side of Liverpool, that really comes alive at night. The Camp and furnace is a huge venue that holds many events throughout the year – with the stand out being Bongos’ Bingo. Bongos’ bingo is a bingo in a more trendy & party fashion. It is mainly popular with students but welcomes all ages to their event. Just across the road from here, lies The Baltic Social. It’s a great place to hang out and listen to some of Liverpool’s up and coming music talent. Choose between the more sophisticated afternoon tea or a real ale to compliment your lunch at a bargain price!

Useful information for
Relocating to Liverpool

If changes in your personal or professional life mean you are organising your removals to Liverpool, there are lots of different options to look at before securing your accommodation. As often when settling in a large city, you need to decide how much commuting you can deal with every day. It is important that you consider where your children will go to school at the same time as you start searching for your accommodation as the two need to be close or easily accessible.

If you haven’t heard of The Wirral, it is a place ‘over the water’ as the locals say. You must go through the Mersey tunnel to get there or by the Ferry across the sea. Be warned commuting through this tunnel in the morning can be extremely hectic and something you want to experience… once. Likewise, the charm of a ferry crossing will wear thin sooner than you expect. However, there are some perks about living over in The Wirral. There are plenty of beaches that you can soak up the sun on, and a pleasant walk across the promenade. It is renowned for being a more relaxed part of Liverpool which avoids the business of the city centre.

If work is close to the city centre and you still want the seaside, Crosby/Blundellsands is a favourite for families. It boasts great schools, excellent restaurants but nightlife is not the area’s strong point. You will be able to admire Anthony Gormley’s art installation ‘Another Place’ as the tide comes in, though

The area south of the city centre in Liverpool is much better in terms of entertainment, especially Woolton. Woolton village is popular throughout the week likewise weekends for food & drink, with the local pub quiz held on a Tuesday at The Elephant pub. Allerton is also another nice area to consider, where the terraced houses are rather spacious and welcoming. Staying in the south, the area around Sefton park is attractive. These houses tend to be larger and situated around the outskirts of the wonderful park itself. A short walk along the way you will find a very unique road named ‘Lark Lane’. It Is full of pubs and restaurants, some of which play live music, with Love & Rockets being a fan favourite!